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Schroeder Group - Current & Former Members
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Frank C. Schroeder | Principal Investigator

Associate Professor of Chemical Biology, BTI, and Adj. Associate Professor of Chemistry & Chemical Biology, Cornell University

OFFICE PHONE: 607 351 2720
CAMPUS ADDRESS: 533 Tower Rd., BTI/Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853

Postdocs and Research Associates

Hanno Andreas Ludewig | Research Associate

Free University Berlin/Max-Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics, Ph.D. 2003.

Andreas investigates population density-dependent mechanisms of progeria and longevity in C. elegans.

Contact: hal44{at}

Taehyung Won | Postdoctoral Associate

Seoul National University, Ph. D. 2015.

Tae Hyung is developing the structure elucidation module for a novel natural product discovery platform, as part of the genomes to natural products network (GNPN).

Contact: tw272{at}

Bennett Fox | Postdoctoral Associate

Cornell University, B.S. 2008; University of Wisconsin-Madison, Ph.D. 2016.

Contact: bwf7{at}

Arnaud Tauffenberger | Postdoctoral Associate

Université de Montreal, Ph.D. 2015.

Arnaud investigates the metabolic processes underlying ageing and neurodegeneration using C. elegans.

Contact: at945{at}

Alexandros Polyzois | Postdoctoral Associate

University of Paris, Ph.D. 2020.

Alexandros is "Schmidt Futures, AI for Science" research fellow developing an AI-based pipeline on computational mass spectrometry that will enable rapid, automatic prediction of chemical structures.

Contact: ap2346{at}

Graduate Students

Chester Wrobel | Graduate Student, Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Contact: cjw293{at}



Rebecca Gerdes | Graduate Student, Classics

Smith College, B.A Chemistry and Classics, 2015. University of Oxford, MSc, 2016. Rebecca is developing new methods of extracting and analyzing lipid residues from archaeological ceramics to study food production, storage, and consumption in ancient Cyprus. When not doing ancient dishes, she enjoys traveling, cooking, British crime dramas, and public outreach in archaeology and STEM.

Contact: rfg75{at}



Yan Yu | Graduate Student, Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Purdue University, B.S. 2017. Cornell University, M.S. 2018.

Contact: yy749{at}



Jingfang Yu | Graduate Student, Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Nanjing University, B.S. 2018.

Contact: jy823{at}



Tyler Schwertfeger | Graduate Student, Chemistry and Chemical Biology

SUNY Cortland, B.S. 2018.

Contact: tjs364{at}



Bingsen Zhang | Graduate Student, Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Nanjing University, B.S. 2019.

Contact: bz298{at}



Elise Garner | Graduate Student, Biochemistry, Molecular, and Cellular Biology

University of Delaware, B.S. 2021.

Contact: eng27{at}



Allen Schroeder | Graduate Student, Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Bates College, B.A. 2021.

Contact: afs88{at}



Research Assistants

Diana Fajardo Palomino | Research Assistant

Contact: dcf28{at}



Undergraduate Students

Matthew LeClair | Biological Sciences Major

Contact: mdl268{at}



Former Postdoctoral Associates

Pedro Rodrigues | Postdoctoral Associate

Contact: pjr96{at}

Maximilian J. Helf | Senior Research Associate

University of Bonn, Diploma 2010; ETH Zurich, Dr. sc. 2015.

Contact: mjh438{at}

Alex Artyukhin | Senior Research Associate

Moscow State University, M.Sc. 1997; UC Davis, Ph.D. 2006.

Currently working on the connection between metabolism and behavior in worms. In his spare time - hiking, biking, road trips, structure elucidation from MS/MS spectra.

Contact: aba72{at}

Stephan von Reuss

University of Hamburg, Ph.D. 2009. Stephan is now Professor at the Laboratoire de chimie bioanalytique at the Institut de chimie, Université de Neuchâtel.

Contact: stephan.vonreuss{@}

Axel Bethke

Baylor College of Medicine/Universität Osnabrück, Ph.D. 2009. Axel is interested in designing bio-activity assays to screen for nuclear receptor ligands in diverse organisms. He recently took a position at Natera, a start-up in the Bay Area.

Contact: axel.bethke{at}

Stephen Deyrup

Stetson University, B.S. 2001. University of Iowa, Ph.D. 2006. Steve is now an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Siena College.

Contact: std24{at}


Mohammed Abid

University of Massachusetts Boston, Ph.D. 2007. Abid is currently an Assistant Professor of Organic Chemistry at Georgia Southern University.

Contact: malnu{at}

Former Graduate Students

Brian Curtis

University of Detroit Mercy, B.S. 2017. Cornell University, Ph.D 2022. In the Schroeder Lab, Brian identified and synthesized novel gluconucleoside metabolites in nematodes as well as developed new methods to access amorfrutins and related compounds. Brian is currently a postdoctoral research fellow in David Sherman lab at University of Michigan.

Contact: bc632{at}

Russell Burkhardt

Rochester Institute of Technology, B.S. 2015. Cornell University, Ph.D 2021. In the Schroeder Lab, Russ worked on developing synthetic approaches to interrogate steroid signaling in C. elegans, and male-specific metabolites in C. elegans.

Contact: rnb77{at}

Jason Hoki

Sonoma State University, B.A. 2013. Cornell University, Ph.D 2020. In the Schroeder Lab, Jason worked on the synthesis of small molecule signaling probes and metabolite enrichment techniques. Jason is currently a scientist at FogPharma.

Contact: jsh339{at}

Maro Kariya

Stony Brook University, B.S. 2013. Cornell University, Ph.D 2019. In the Schroeder Lab, Maro utilized comparative metabolomics to discover novel compounds with therapeutic activity.

Contact: mjk355{at}

Henry H. Le

Sonoma State University, B.A. 2012. Cornell University, Ph.D 2019. In the Schroeder Lab, Henry did research in novel carbon-carbon bond forming mechanisms in fungal natural products biosynthesis and utilized metabolomics and analytical chemistry to investigate small molecule signaling in C. elegans. Henry is currently a scientist at Hexagon Bio.

Contact: hhl43{at}

Kitty Ying Zhang

University of Michigan, B.S. 2013. Cornell University, Ph.D 2019. In the Schroeder Lab, Kitty developed new approaches toward the selective synthesis of ascarosides and derivatives. Kitty is currently a medicinal chemist at Angion Biomedica Corp..

Contact: yz787{at}

Pooja Gudibanda

University of Mumbai, B.S. 2009. SUNY Buffalo, M.S. 2012. Cornell University, Ph.D 2019. In the Schroeder Lab, Pooja focused on understanding the protein biochemistry of dauer formation. She also worked on identification of endogenous ligands for the nuclear receptor AHR.

Contact: pg367{at}

Oishika Panda, Graduate Student | Chemistry and Chemical Biology

St. Stephen’s College, B.S. 2010. Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, M.S. 2012. Cornell University, Ph.D 2018. In the Schroeder Lab, Oishika utilized metabolomics and analytical chemistry to investigate small molecule signaling in C. elegans. Oishika is currently a postdoctoral associate at the Buck Institute.

Contact: op56{at}

Joshua Baccile

SUNY Cortland, B.S. 2011. Cornell University, Ph.D. 2016. In the Schroeder lab, Josh combined organic chemistry, biochemistry, and molecular biology to investigate fungal secondary metabolism. Josh is currently a postdoctoral associate at David Tirrell's lab in Caltech.

Contact: jab826{at}

Yevgeniy Izrayelit

Vassar College, B.A. 2006. Cornell University, Ph.D. 2014. In the Schroeder lab, Yevgeniy analyzed small moelcule signals in aging-relevant pathways in the model organism C. elegans using 2D NMR-based metabolomics. Yevgeniy was heavily involved with campus governance as part of the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly, and many of us remember him telling jokes/stories that you might have heard before (from him). Following a postdoc in Ian Wang's lab from 2014-2015, Yevgeniy in August 2015 joined Viewpoint Therapeutics, a new start-up company at UCSF founded by Jason Gestwicki.

Contact: yi62{at}

Joshua Judkins

Ohio Northern University, B.S. 2009. Cornell University, Ph.D. 2014. In the Schroeder lab, Joshua synthesized and functionally characterized steroidal ligands of nuclear hormone receptors in C. elegans. Josh is an amateur astronomer and very active in the LGBT community. Since 2014, Josh is a postdoctoral associate with Pfizer in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Contact: jj388{at}

Neelanjan Bose

Presidency College, B.S. 2006. Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, M.S. 2008. Cornell/Rockefeller/Sloan-Kettering Ph.D 2013. In the Schroeder lab, Neelanjan investigated small molecule signaling in C. elegans and contributed to identifying several 100 new metabolites. Since 2014, Neelanjan is a postdoctoral associate in Pankaj Kapahi's lab at the Buck Institute.

Contact: nb323{at}


Parag Mahanti

St. Stephen’s College, B.S. 2006. University of Delhi M.S. 2008. Cornell University, Ph.D. 2013.

Parag is currently an associate consultant at IMS Consulting Group.

Contact: pm358{at}


Inish O'Doherty

University College Dublin, B.S. 2007. Cornell University, Ph.D. 2013.

In the Schroeder lab Inish spearheaded the development of new approaches for activity-based protein profiling. Inish is now a Principal Scientist at Pfizer.

Contact: imo3{at}


Ry Forseth

University of Wisconsin-Madison, B.S. 2007. Cornell University Ph.D. 2012.

As one of the first graduate students in the Schroeder lab, Ry founded the fungal metabolomics subgroup. Ry is now a scientist at Novartis.

Contact: rrf36{at}


Chirag Pungaliya

Cornell University, M.S. 2009.

Contact: cp245{at}


Jake Usery

University of Arkansas, B.S. 2013. Jake is interested in developing new approaches to treating autoimmune disorders. Jake enjoys football and basketball, hiking, and playing chess.

Contact: jau9{at}



Former Undergraduate Students/Research Assistants

Rina Wang | Chemistry Major

Contact: jw827{at}



Tyler Bales | Biological Sciences Major

Contact: trb223{at}



Aiden Kolodziej | Chemistry Major

Cornell University B.S. 2021. Aiden studied host-microbe interactions and is investigated enzymes involved in glucuronidation and how they affect metabolism.

Contact: ark259{at}



Rubin Smith | Chemistry and Chemical Biology major

Cornell University B.S. 2021. Rubin investigated the action of nuclear hormone receptors in response to small molecules in C. elegans via aging experiments and comparative metabolomics. He also helped to maintain and genotype the worm strain collection.

Contact: jp947{at}



Ezra Pak-Harvey | Chemistry Major

Contact: eip5{at}



Francisco Javier Tenjo, Research Assistant

Universidad de los Andes, B.Sc. 2013. Universidad de los Andes, M.Sc. 2015. Francisco worked on small molecule metabolism in nematodes focusing on host-pathogen interactions.

Contact: fjt38{at}



Dania Camila Pulido Barrera, Research Assistant

Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas, B.S. 2014. Universidad de los Andes M.Sc. 2017.

Camila worked on C. elegans aging processes and she is in charge of genotyping and keeping our worm strain collection.

Contact: dcp235{at}



Sarah Cohen | Chemistry Major

Cornell University B.A. 2015. Sarah worked with with Parag and Oishika on both how gut granules and enzymes in the tryptophan metabolic pathway affect ascaroside formation. Sarah is currently pursuing her Ph.D. at Caltech in the lab of Paul Sternberg.

Contact: smc332{at}



Karlie Mellot | Chemistry Major

Cornell University B.S. 2018. Karlie worked on receptor characterization using small molecule signaling probes.

Contact: km553{at}



Jazmin Aguilar-Romero | Chemistry Major

Cornell University B.S. 2018.

Contact: jea252{at}



Patrick Loi | Biology Major

Cornell University B.S. 2017. Patrick worked with with Pooja on identifying endogenous ligands that could activate the nuclear receptor, nhr-8. Patrick is currently pursuing his Ph.D. at Harvard University.

Contact: patrickloi95{at}



Chris Gomez | Chemistry Major

Cornell University, B.A. 2017. Chris worked with Josh Baccile on the isolation and characterization of fungal secondary metabolites. Chris is currently pursuing his Ph.D. at MIT.

Contact: cg454{at}



Marco Sanchez-Ayala | Chemistry Major

Marco worked with Kitty Zhang on synthesis of ascarosides. Marco is currently an undergraduate student at Cornell University.

Contact: mas773{at}



Staci Thornton, Research Assistant

Michigan Technological University, B.S. 2014; University of Connecticut, M.S. 2015.

Staci is in charge of C. elegans aging studies and our worm strain collection.

Contact: snt29{at}



Bobby Micikas, Research Assistant

Cornell University, B.A. 2013. Bobby is interested in natural product synthesis, in particular new carbon-carbon bond forming reactions and strategies for minimizing the use of protective groups. In 2015, he joined Amos Smith's lab at UPenn for his PhD.

Contact: rjm344{at}


Josh Yim, Research Assistant

Cornell University, B.A. 2010. In the Schroeder lab, Josh synthesizes small molecules found in C. elegans and other model nematode species for structural verification and biological testing. In 2014, Josh started his PhD at Stanford in the Chemical and Systems Biology Program.

Contact: jy263{at}



Christian Uruburo

Cornell University, B.A 2016. Christian syntehsizes small molecules newly identified from C. elegans and P. pacificus for structural verification and to study their signalling functions. If he is not seen in lab, he is either performing theater as a proud member of Ordinary People, dancing in the studio, or obsessing over tea. Oh yes, and not sleeping.

Contact: cu37{at}



Sydney Campbell, Research Assistant

Cornell University, B.A. 2013. Sydney worked with Yevgeniy on C. elegans metabolomics. Sydney is a native Texan, and knows all of the words to the Texas state song (but no, she will not sing it for you). In 2014, Sydney joined the graduate program at the Perelman School of Medicine at UPenn.

Contact: slc244{at}

Xiaohong Feng

Xiahong is currently working in Dr. Kutchan's lab at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center.

Contact: xiaohong68{at}

Purba Mukerjee

Cornell University, B.A. 2008. Purba is now a law student at the University of California, Berkeley.

Contact: purba.mukerjee{at}

Srivalli Telikepalli

Cornell University, B.A. 2008. Srivalli is now a graduate student at University of Kansas in Pharmaceutical/Medicinal Chemistry.

Contact: sriv.telikepalli{at}

Bennett Fox

Cornell University, B.A. 2008. Bennett is currently a graduate student in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Kristen Seim

Cornell University, B.A. 2008. Kristen is currently a graduate student in the Department of Chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley.

Contact: kristen.seim{at}

Nur Qazi

Cornell University, B.A. 2007. Nur Qazi is currently a graduate student in the University of Michigan’s Cell and Developmental Biology department.

Contact: nur.qazi{at}

Anna Zimmerman

Mount Holyoke College, B.A. 2009. Anna is currently enrolled in the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

Contact: amz45{at}

Aman Prasad

Cornell University, B.A. 2010. Aman is currently an M.D./Ph.D. student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Contact: ap358{at}

Jenna Bernstein

Cornell University, B.A. 2010. Jenna is currently attending the University of Connecticut School of Medicine.

Contact: jab345{at}

Julian Kang

Cornell University, B.A. 2010.

Contact: jjk67{at}

Rebecca Bae

Cornell University, B.S. 2011.

Contact: reb255{at}

Yekaterina Rokhlenko

Cornell University, B.A. 2011. Kat is currently attending Yale University for a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering.

Contact: yr54{at}

Daniel Gentile

Cornell University, B.A. 2012. Danny is attending UCSF for a Ph.D. degree in Chemical Biology.

Contact: drg93{at}

Zhihan Ye

Cornell University B.A. 2012. Z is currently studying for her Masters of Architecture at Cornell.

Contact: zy55{at}

Ken Kawamoto

Cornell University B.A. 2012. Ken is attending MIT for a Ph.D. in Chemistry.

Contact: kk542{at}