BTI Cornell Chemistry

For all inquiries regarding positions and other general questions please contact:

Frank Schroeder
Boyce Thompson Institute and Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Cornell University

Postions available:

We are interested in scientists with a strong desire to engage in multidisciplinary research at the interface of chemistry and biology.

Graduate Students - Chemical Biology/Organic Synthesis/New Antibiotics/Metabolomics: We have openings for several graduate students interested in the areas of synthesis/synthetic methodology developmment, chemical biology/small molecule receptor identification, biosynthesis/metabolism, and analytical chemistry/new antibiotics. Graduate students from both Chemistry (CCB) and BMCB are encouraged to apply. Please contact us at

Postdoctoral Associate - Synthetic: We are looking for qualified individuals with experience in the synthesis of natural products or synthetic methodology development. Objectives include synthesis of natural product-inspired libraries for high-throughput screening at the NIH's Molecular Libraries Screening Center Network and synthesis of biologically active small molecule metabolites that we recently identified from C. elegans and fungi. Please submit CV, publication list, and a short statement of research interests to

Undergraduate Students - Chemical Biology and Synthesis: Research opportunities for undergraduate students are frequently available. All students with an interest in chemical biology are encouraged to apply. Both research credit and undergraduate research assistant positions are available. Please submit CV and a short statement of academic interests to