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Graduate student and postdoc postions available

We are interested in anyone with a strong desire to engage in multidisciplinary research at the interface of chemistry and biology.

Graduate Students

We have openings in the following areas:

- natural product synthesis: new metabolites from humans, mouse, and the model organism C. elegans

- NMR and MS-based identification of small molecule signals that regulate development and aging

- probe development to identify receptors and biosynthetic pathways

- the role of the gut microbiome for human biology and other host-microbe interactions (with David Artis at Weill Cornell)

- metabolomics/proteomics: get hands-on experience with the newest high-resolution mass spectrometers in our MS facility!

- AI-based algorithms for mass spectrometry (with Carla Gomes' lab in Computer Science)

Students from both Chemistry (CCB) and BMCB are encouraged to apply. Contact Frank at

Postdoctoral Associate - Host-Microbe Interactions: Investigate the role of microbiota in human, mouse, and the model C. elegans as part of a multidisiplinary team including immunologists, microbiologists, and computer scienists. Strong research skills and experience in metabolomics, mass spectrometry, molecular biology, and/or biochemistry are preferred.

To apply, please submit CV, publication list, and a short statement of research interests to Frank Schroeder

Postdoctoral Associate - Synthesis/Probe Development: Develop syntheses and chemical biology probes to investigate the functions of new biologically active metabolites from human, mouse, and the model C. elegans. Please submit CV, publication list, and a short statement of research interests to

Research Technician : We are seeking a highly motivated and organized individual to contribute to ongoing projects investigating the role of small signaling molecules in plant and human health. Duties will include cell and molecular biology techniques such as isolation of RNA/DNA/proteins/metabolites, PCR including quantitative PCR, cell culture, protein blotting, and mass spectroscopy.

- Preferred Qualifications: Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Biology or related research experience, and interest in biochemical/biomedical research. Hands-on experience with basic laboratory techniques is required. Candidates interested in pursuing graduate school are encouraged to apply.

Interested candidates should submit a letter describing relevant experience, CV, and contact information for two referees to Frank Schroeder

Undergraduate Students - Chemical Biology and Synthesis: Research opportunities for undergraduate students are frequently available. All students with an interest in chemical biology are encouraged to apply. Both research credit and undergraduate research assistant positions are available. Please submit CV and a short statement of academic interests to