Why HighFive™

HighFive cells (sometimes referred to as High-Five or Hi5) represent a safe, effective and inexpensive platform for protein production.

Indeed, their remarkable ability to produce very large amounts of recombinant proteins – such as diagnostic reagents and recombinant vaccines – remains unmatched.

The HighFive cells were originaly isolated from insects in BTI’s Granados lab in the late 1980’s.

Virus-free sub-clones of the original HighFive cells can be obtained from BTI or commercial partners for testing for non-commercial use, and affordable and flexible commercial licenses can be obtained from BTI.

A tested platform for protein production

  • Hundreds of labs around the world use these cells.
  • HighFive cell lines were used to produce an FDA-approved human vaccine. Additional human and animal vaccines expressed in HighFive cells or virus-free sub-clones are currently at various stages of the regulatory approval process.

Safety first

  • HighFive cells are not known to potentially host any human pathogens.

Virus-free sub-clones

  • The original HighFive cells were found to host a non-pathogenic nodavirus. BTI researchers have developed several sub-clones that are virus-free and available for licensing.

True scalability with unmatched yields

  • The baculovirus expression vector system (BEVS) in insect cells offers highly scalable and inexpensive protein production. HighFive cells and sub-clones have been reported to produce 2-10x high levels of recombinant proteins compared to Sf9/Sf21 insect cells.

Proteins with less contaminants

  • When considering BEVS for protein expression, Sf9/Sf21 produce very high titers of baculoviruses. That can represent a major drawback during protein purification. Purifying proteins produced in HighFive cells is preferable, with as much as 100-fold less baculovirus produced.

Affordable licensing with peace of mind

  • BTI is the sole proprietor of HighFive cells and related sub-clones.


For licensing inquires contact licensing@btiscience.org

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