Centralized Services

Centralized Services is an ongoing product and service delivery system experiment; the culmination of a concerted effort to coordinate basic and essential services in a cost-effective manner for all of the laboratories and systems within the institute. Centralized Services’ philosophy encourages the recognition of talents, skills, and potential for development of individual team members and the opportunity to express those capabilities whenever possible within the framework of the needs of the institute. We emphasize shared team responsibilities within a flexible structure and allocated time for specialized opportunities. For an understanding of the primary functions of Centralized Services, please navigate the list below.

Auxiliary Services

  • Chemical waste removal preparation
  • Laboratory waste removal
  • Autoclaving and disposal
  • Recyclable waste removal and disposal
  • Routine machine consumables maintenance
  • Other laboratory product preparation and distribution

Glassware Processing Facility

  • Laboratory glassware pick-up
  • Cleaning
  • Autoclaving
  • Preparation
  • Redistribution

Media Preparation Facility

  • General and laboratory specific chemical stock solution and media preparation and delivery.
  • Specialized service upon request.


  • Distribution center for frequently used consumable products
  • Shipping and receiving
  • Purchase requisition facilitation
  • Lab coat laundry coordination
  • Replenishment coordination center for liquid nitrogen and dry ice
  • Procurement for institute products
  • UPS service
  • Returned merchandise service
  • Consignment products distribution and record keeping service
  • A/V equipment dispersal
  • Gas cylinder record keeping
  • Purchase order processing
  • Product delivery and record keeping

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