Web Content Guide

The following guidelines have been established to facilitate the efficient upload of information to the BTI web site. All questions about technical issues, design, content format, layout or images should be directed to BTI Communications.

General Guidelines

  • Project Leader or Manager’s approval is required prior to submitting your content.
  • Spell check and proof-read documents prior to sending.
  • Please check links and contact information regularly to make sure they are current. E-mail the updated links – including: e-mail addresses, web site links, links to documents on other sites, names, phone numbers, etc. to BTI Communications.

Acceptable Formats for Submission

Submitting Text

  • All text should be submitted as either a word document or as a text file with a .doc or .txt extension.
  • When creating your original master document, please be careful not to use special characters or symbols in the content. Some characters and symbols do not convert to Web page format (HTML).
  • Use a naming convention that uses netid_documentname.doc or netid_documentname.txt.
    • Example: jcc25_computers.doc.
    • Limit file name to less than 25 characters.

Submitting Graphics

  • All graphics should be submitted as either a jpeg or tiff file type.
  • Use a naming convention that uses netid_imagename.jpg or netid_imagename.tif.
    • Example: jcc25_computers.jpg.
  • Submit the text that accompanies the images.

Submitting Seminar Announcements

  • Include the following information.
    • Name of speaker.
    • Title of seminar.
    • Location.
    • Date and Time.
    • Details of Seminar and Speaker.

Use of Other File Formats

  • PDF files can be used for appropriate items such as manuals and forms that you would like available for download.
  • PowerPoint is not an acceptable format for the web.

Additional Information

Please provide specific details of where you would like this information to appear.

  • Is this information replacing existing content?
    • If so, please provide the url of the content to be replaced and details of what content is to be replaced.
  • Is this a new page that needs to be linked from existing pages?
    • If so, please provide urls of the pages this new content should be linked from.

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