Frequently asked questions of Boyce Thompson Institute’s name.

Why did BTI decide to change from Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research to Boyce Thompson Institute?

Discovery and innovation are the heart of BTI’s brand. It was time to develop branding that best represents the idea that as research becomes increasingly interdisciplinary, our discoveries have not been limited to plants. This new branding captures that and helps BTI to communicate clearly to external audiences both the multidisciplinary approaches employed by our researchers and the broad character of the science conducted at BTI.

What was the process for developing this new branding and who was involved in the change?

BTI faculty, Board of Director representatives, the Senior Leadership Team, Postgraduate Society members and others met in the fall of 2015 for a daylong, facilitated exercise. A wide range of discussions around BTI’s scientific portfolio, collaborations and future directions coalesced in a consensus recommendation that has been reviewed and endorsed by the Board of Directors and descendants of BTI’s founder, William B. Thompson. Results of these efforts are encapsulated in the following statement:

To provide a more accurate representation of its science, to build a strong foundation for increasing awareness of its research programs, and to bring significant focus to the organization, BTI will now be proudly known as Boyce Thompson Institute—Discovery and Innovation in the Life Sciences.

When and where will we see this new branding and positioning?

The new branding was shared at BTI’s Board of Directors meeting on November 12, 2015. Due to the scope of work involved, the implementation is being staged in several phases. The public will see updates to the BTI website and other online media in 2016. Communications in the form of personal meetings, letters, and email newsletters are ongoing.

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