Sarah Evanega

Sarah Evanega
Office/Lab: 119
Phone: 607-279-5577
Office/Lab: 119
Office Phone: (607) 279-5577

Twitter: @sarah_evanega

Affiliations: Adjunct Associate Professor / School of Integrative Plant Science / Cornell University

Research Areas:  Biotechnology, International Agriculture, Science Communication, Science Policy

Research Overview

While public debate around new technologies is both legitimate and important in democratic societies, the controversy inflamed by anti-science activism and deliberate disinformation campaigns risks harming society by blocking the deployment of technological innovations that could otherwise improve lives and the environment. Perhaps the clearest example is modern agricultural biotechnology, where a 20-year controversy about GMOs has led to an ongoing political stalemate that has blocked the technology’s deployment in numerous countries, particularly in the European Union and Global South, many of which could significantly benefit from climate-smart, insect-resistant, and nutritionally enhanced staple crops.

We work closely with global allies and partners in the US and around the world to ensure a positive science enabling environment. We conduct research on mis- and disinformation campaigns in key areas of science and track the global media landscape across a range of scientific issues.  Through the Alliance for Science (AfS), an initiative founded and led by Evanega, we engage with communities and policy makers to improve science literacy and ensure science-informed policy making. AfS also leads purpose-driven, skills-based courses in science communication and science advocacy.

Research in the Evanega group is supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, USDA, the Gazard family, and other individual donors.

Alliance for Science Logo Cover of scientific paper with 2 cartoon images of people getting news from a computer and newspaper

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