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Consulting Services

Boyce Thompson Institute bioinformatics consulting provides the following services:

  • Server Accounts and Usage
  • Linux and Bioinformatics Tools Instruction
  • Expression Analysis Using RNA-seq
  • SNP Calling
  • Structural Variation
  • Comparative Genomics
  • Experimental Design

Other services may be available upon request. Please contact Suzy Strickler or attend the BTI bioinformatics hour Wednesday afternoons in the resource center.

Office Hours

A new Bioinformatics Consulting Space has been created in the resource center on the second floor. Consulting requests should be made by: 1) visiting during the open office hours Tuesday and Wednesday 1–2pm, or 2) e-mail contact. Please restrict your requests to these two mechanisms to allow the consultants to pursue scheduled consulting work as well as their own research.


Bioinformatics Courses

In addition to the bioinformatics courses already offered through the Mueller lab, feedback will be solicited to enable the design of web portals and/or short courses illustrating best practices dealing with most commonly used analysis pipelines. The following pages provide more information about bioinformatics and relevant computational resources:

Bioinformatics Practitioners Club

Seminars are typically organized once a month during the fall and spring semesters in Weill Hall (Room 221 or 321).

If interested in participating, simply come to a session, and make sure to subscribe to the mailing list: http://rubisco.sgn.cornell.edu/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/bti-perl-club.

Contact Surya Saha if you have any questions. For more information visit http://bti-perl-club.blogspot.com/.

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