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From the Garden to the Table

 Looking for some culinary inspiration? Look no farther as we have now started a collection of recipes for Physalis! These dishes, made by project participants, first debuted at our Fall 2018 Physalis Harvest Event. We liked them so much we wanted to be able to share...

Biology Minute: Other Physalis Species

Best Wishes for the End of the Year As we wrap up the 2018  we want to thank everyone who has taken an interest in Physalis, especially groundcherry and goldenberry. Remember, if you are interested in participating in the project this upcoming year, please fill out...

Survey, Superfoods, and Fruit Drop

Harvest Season Survey As we make our way into the fall season, many are reporting that their Physalis plants have ripe fruit! With the harvest season underway, we want to hear from you about your observations throughout the course of the project. If you were a...

July Farm Visits

The second half of July has been busy with farm visits and other activities related to Groundcherry and Goldenberry Project. Ithaca Children's Garden One of our community project participants is the Ithaca Children's Garden, where they have been growing six types of...

Farm Visits

With the growing season in full swing we are starting to visit project participant farms to see how the Physalis plants perform in different environments and any challenges that may come with growing Physalis. This past Tuesday we visited a plot of Physalis plans in...

Project Update: Physalis Pest Alert!

Hello Physalis Growers, It has come to our attention that the insect known as three-lined potato beetle (Lema daturaphila) has been infesting Physalis plants this season (pictured below). They are known to prefer Physalis over potato. According to the University of...

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