Favorite Discoveries from 2015

by | Dec 22, 2015

The past year has been an exciting one for Boyce Thompson Institute, full of new discoveries and scientific advances. The work of BTI scientists leads to novel ways to improve human health, strategies to make agriculture more sustainable and methods to protect the environment. Follow the links below to read stories from the past year of BTI scientists engaging in innovative research, applying plant science in new ways—and in the process—training the next generation of scientists.

While BTI researchers are dedicated to making vital discoveries in the lab, they can’t do it without the support of people who are passionate about the life sciences. Consider making an end-of-year gift to BTI to keep these discoveries flowing into the New Year and beyond. Your support could be the start of our next scientific breakthrough.

Here are just a few of our favorite science news stories from 2015:

Speck on fruit tn
A new way to protect against bacterial speck disease in tomatoes


Vitamin A-enhanced potatoes may yield more nutritious cassava crops


Aspirin targets proteins associated with degenerative diseases and inflammatory cancers such as mesothelioma


The Genomic and Open source Breeding Informatics Initiative launches to accelerate staple crop breeding


FS-nematode TN
Chemicals from parasitic worms boost plant immunity


Collaboration begins 5-year plan to save citrus

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