Strategic Plan 2015-2020


To advance and communicate scientific knowledge in plant biology to improve agriculture, protect the environment and enhance human life.



Innovation, Integrity, Mutual Respect, Excellence, and Collaboration



Objective 1.0: Science Excellence

This objective encompasses faculty renewal, facilities and training, primarily as they relate to research capacity and productivity.

1.1 Renew Faculty through hiring.
1.2 Assess and reimagine enabling facilities and technologies.
1.3 Strategically manage discretionary research funds.
1.4 Diversify training opportunities for young scientists.

Objective 2.0: Organizational Excellence

This objective encompasses optimization of scientific and management leadership roles and the Institute’s organizational model.

1.1. Optimize scientific leadership roles for President, Vice President for Research, and the Scientific Advisory Board. 1.2. Support a high performing Senior Leadership Team.
1.3. Establish a comprehensive compensation strategy for BTI researchers and staff.
1.4. Evaluate BTI organizational model to increase efficiency and productivity.
1.5. Nurture BTI culture that encompasses BTI values.

Objective 3.0: Development Excellence and Growth

This objective encompasses the need to establish a compelling mission statement for development, a robust system for garnering donations and an efficient team capable of conducting the work.

3.1 Develop provocative and compelling case for funding.
3.2 Create communication and development organization to support goals.
3.3 Create a strong fundraising board and National Advisory Council.
3.4 Develop benchmarks for success.

Objective 4.0: Enabling Infrastructure

This objective encompasses space, facilities and information technology.

1.1 Develop a comprehensive space utilization plan (e.g. to include innovative collaboration spaces and open research environments)
1.2 Support and develop Information Technology for the future
1.3 Modify facility to enable 21st century research excellence

Objective 5.0: Ensure institutional sustainability

This objective encompasses the need to address institutional sustainability on multiple fronts, including diversification of funding, staff recruitment and retention, responsible use of resources and mitigation of risk.

1.1 Continue to look for ways to diversify funding
1.2 Attract and retain the best and brightest
1.3 Minimize energy use and carbon footprint
1.4 Mitigate compliance risks (safety, HR processes, funding agencies)


Last updated: December 7, 2015


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