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PGRP Summer Symposium 2017

For the past 15 years, BTI has held a student symposium during the last week of the Plant Genome Research Program (PGRP) summer internship program. This day-long event provides student interns an opportunity to either present their research through a presentation in our auditorium or be part of a poster session.

We will be live streaming presentations and poster sessions throughout the day on this page!

Live-stream Presentation Schedule 

NOTE: Poster session will be live-streamed noon-2:30pm
9:05am Arianna Nimocks Determining the functions of herbivore-inducible maize genes on defense against Spodoptera exigua Jander
9:20am Brandon Williams Examining the transcriptomal regulators of aburscule development Harrison
9:35am Lily Lofton The screening of wild potato tubers for genetic resistance to soft rot disease caused by Dickeya dianthicola Swingle
9:50am Patrick Mendoza Identifying Genes Involved in the Establishment of Leaf Polarity within Solanum lycopersicum Scanlon
10:05am Lauren Hamm Using the ABI3 Promoter to Rescue Lethal Editosome Mutations Bentolila
10:45am Eleanore Ritter Characterization of a Putative Cutinase from Tomato Fruits Rose
11:00am Carla Dizon Investigating the Impact of Polyploidization on Meiotic Recombination in Zea mays Pawlowski
11:15am Sire Kassama A Study on Novel Plastoglobule Proteins Van Wijk
11:30am Natalie Gonzalez Determining successful targeting of the Cas9 protein to the chloroplast Stern
2:45pm Jordan Zonner Testing the Use of Long ssDNA Template for Transgene Free CRISPR/Cas9 Genome Editing in Plants Bogdanove
3:00pm Zak Stevenson Mobilizing  pattern recognition  receptor  FLS3 to increase  rice resistance  to Xanthomonas  oryzae Bogdanove
3:15pm Stephanie Brocke Differential cell growth in Arabidopsis fruit and its relation to FUL Roeder

PGRP Intern Poster Sessions LIVE

Posted by Boyce Thompson Institute on Thursday, August 10, 2017