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Internship Spotlights

Read the stories of former Boyce Thompson Institute (BTI) interns!

    • Joshua Judkins

      In 2008, Josh Judkins started at BTI as a REU summer intern in Professor and BTI President David Stern’s laboratory. Jump ahead to 2014 and Josh is graduating from Cornell University with his PhD and is the lead author of a paper titled,  “A Photocleavable Masked Nuclear-Receptor Ligand Enables Temporal Control of C. elegans Development,” earned while working with BTI faculty member Dr. Frank Schroeder, and has moved to Boston, where he will be working as a postdoctoral scientist at Pfizer Neuroscience.

      Joshua Judkins, a former BTI intern, then a member of Stern and Schroeder labs at BTI as a Cornell undergrad and graduate student, now working for Pfizer Neuroscience.

    • Grace Yu

      Grace studied in Ireland at University College Dublin while an undergrad, and blogged about her adventures there, including how she started trampolining and kite flying. She studied lots of biology while in Ireland including crop sciences as applied in agriculture and hopes to complete a graduate degree in the next couple years that will combine her love for the natural and academic worlds.

      Grace Yu, former BTI intern with Professor Susan McCouch, has just finished her undergraduate degree at University California, Irvine.

    • James Eaglesham

      From the Cornell Chronicle: ”James Eaglesham, a biology major with a concentration in microbiology who is set to graduate from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences this May, is heading to Cambridge University as Cornell’s newest Churchill scholar.… Eaglesham conducts honors thesis research at the Baker Institute for Animal Health in the laboratory of Associate Professor John S.L. Parker. In 2013 and 2014, he worked as a summer fellow at the National Institutes of Health. While attending Ithaca High School, he interned at the Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research.”

      James Eaglesham was a BTI intern in Maria Harrison’s lab in 2010.

    • Felix Fernandez-Penny

      “I probably would have found my way to plants and plant science without BTI, but it may have been through a completely different path,” said Fernandez-Penny. “Having the exposure to fundamental research through the internship and doing lab work just convinced me that this is what I want to do. This is what I really enjoy.”

      Felix Fernandez-Penny began at BTI as a high school intern and now is a Cornell undergraduate and member of Jander Lab.

Internships are funded by the National Science Foundation, Research Experiences for Undergraduates Award #1358843, individual faculty grants, and the generosity of local donors including the Ithaca Garden Club, the Legacy Foundation of Tompkins County, and the Tompkins Charitable Gift Fund.