Educational Programs
Gain Research Experience in Plant Biology

Mutant Library

Students will identify mutant plants and share their data online at the Mutant Library

Scientists will utilize the mutant library as a source of information to help develop Brachypodium as a model system for C3 grasses, like rice, wheat, and barley. The mutant library is a valuable research site that not only links students to the scientific community, but also serves as a rich batch of shared data for important plant science research.

How to use the mutant library

Before planting and screening their plants, students can search through pictures of mutants to become visually acquainted with the wide range of phenotypes used to identify and classify Brachy. Once plants have been screened and classified, students can upload pictures to the library to share their data with other students and scientists. They may also be able to look for pictures of sibling mutants if another classroom planted Brachy seeds from the same line. Instructions for uploading pictures are provided in the “for teachers” section.