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Gain Research Experience in Plant Biology


Go to the Data Central website.

The iPlant Data Central was developed to connect the profesional researcher with budding scientists at the junior and senior high school levels, enabling citizen science with classrooms around the world participating in large-scale experiments. This interactive portal provides a virtual meeting place for teachers, students, and researchers alike. With this site, iPlant hopes to increase a student’s understanding of gene function in plants. Currently being used for the BrachyBio! project from the Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research, “Data Central” can be quickly and easily modified to accommodate any type of phenotypic observation-based experiment.

For the BrachyBio! project…

Students or groups of students will plant the seed, watch the plant grow, and then observe any phenotypic changes over multiple observation points. Data from the observations can then be uploaded by the student/group by logging into “Data Central” and entering the information. Teachers will be able to monitor the student’s progress from within the portal and order more seeds to continue the experiment. Researchers will be able to view the observation data, order seeds from the same collection as the teachers, and connect with teachers and students to engage them in real research.


Special thanks go to Dave Parizek, Tom Brutnell, Tiffany Fleming, Camillo Rosero, Jill Yarmchuk, Nicole Hopkins, Nirav Merchant, and Mary Margaret Sprinkle.