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PGS Mentoring Program

The online application is now open for the 2023 PGS Mentoring Program!

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Deadline: Sunday, January 15, 2023 

The PGS Mentoring Program is for anyone at BTI interested in participating as a mentee. All interested staff and students are invited to take advantage of this opportunity to connect with BTI alumni and expand your professional network.

The PGS Mentoring Program matches BTI students and staff mentees with a mentor based on a mentee’s individual career interests and goals. The mentoring program is designed to be flexible and customized to meet the needs of the mentee. Many participants find it useful to meet with their mentors to discuss career pathways, resume building, phone and on-site interview preparation, to gain experience developing a variety of other ‘soft skills,’ and networking opportunities.



The BTI-PGS Mentoring Program provides career advice and professional development resources for graduate students, postdoctoral associates, and research technicians (“mentees”) interested in diverse scientific careers. The program connects mentees with mentors in their chosen career fields, and will provide resources to foster communication between mentees and mentors as well as the mentees’ primary academic advisors.

Since the first year of this program in 2016, the PGS has connected more than 35 BTI students and staff with alumni working in various sectors such as non-profits, industry, and education.

For more information about the PGS Mentoring Program at BTI, check out episode 12 of BTI’s Science Bomb in which speakers from our career symposium and program organizers discuss the benefits of mentorship in science. And watch the talks from our 2018 Career Symposium, which includes an overview of the program.


2022 PGS Mentoring Program Organizers

We hope you will consider this fantastic resource in your career planning. Please don’t hesitate to email Anna Hermanns (, Andreas Ludewig ( or Natalie Henkhaus ( if you have questions.


Help us Expand the Mentoring Network

Contact the organizers to nominate a yourself or a colleague working outside of BTI to participate in the program.


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