Mentorship Program

2018 PGS Mentorship Program


The purpose of the BTI-PGS Mentorship Program is to provide career advice and professional development resources for graduate students, postdoctoral associates, and research technicians (“mentees”) interested in diverse scientific careers. The program will connect mentees with mentors in their chosen career fields, and will provide resources to foster communication between mentees and mentors as well as the mentees’ primary academic advisors.

For more information about the BTI-PGS Mentorship Program, check out episode 12 of BTI’s Science Bomb in which speakers from our career symposium and organizers of the program discuss the benefits of mentorship in science. Also, you can watch the morning talks from our 2018 Career Symposium, which include an overview of the program.

If you have any questions or are interested in participating in the program, please contact Kitty Zhang, or Andreas Ludewig.

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2018 Program Principles

To ensure that both mentees and mentors are fully able to experience the many benefits of mentorship, we followed several important principles in developing this year’s program:

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Limited number of participants

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Strict screening process

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Only "Best Match" will be made

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Semi-annual meeting for mentees

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Checklist and Self-Evaluation

Guidance for mentees and 2018 Career Symposium

To make the program more structured, we will hold two semi-annual meetings with all the mentees for update, evaluations and suggestions. We held a PGS Mentorship Program Symposium in spring and invited selected mentors in 2017 to talk about their mentoring experience and suggestions. All the mentees were required to attend.

The speakers and organizers of the symposium were invited to record an episode on BTI’s Science Bomb, to discuss the benefits of mentorship in science.

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Panel discussion featuring selected mentors

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Mentors and Mentees share success stories and experience

Tom Ruttledge, Andreas Ludewig, Erica Fishel, Jesse Munkvold, and Kitty Zhang standing in BTI's lobby

From left to right: Tom Ruttledge (Cornell University), Andreas Ludewig (BTI), Erica Fishel (Donald Danforth Plant Science Center), Jesse Munkvold (DowDupont), and Kitty Zhang (BTI)

Watch the 2018 PGS Career Symposium


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