Champions 2018 – Stephanie Meyer

Fundraising Champion Profile – Stephanie Meyer

Fundraising Goal: $1,000

I love throwing my support behind science because I’m so incredibly grateful for the many benefits that have come from basic research. Knowing that one small cell line discovered here has helped to prevent cervical cancer in millions of girls is profound. Looking at the current research being done, I know that big changes will come out of these labs, and I’m excited by that. Personally, as someone dedicated to social change, the story of William Boyce Thompson’s Red Cross journey to Russia and recognizing the connection between food security and social well-being is so important. It was so important to him that he founded BTI. I can get behind that, and I hope you can join me.

Again this year, I’ve collaborated with my fellow senior leadership team members to pull together scholarship incentives for staff donors and fundraising champions. If a variety of goals are met, including raising $21,000 as a group, we will again be giving scholarships to local first generation college students pursuing STEM. This year’s schools include Lansing (mine!), and Groton. Will you help us to make all of these great things happen? 

Donor Board:

Jaqueline Heard

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